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Information sign for roof safety

To increase safety when working on roofs and make it easier for customers to access documents, Weland Stål has developed an information sign. The information sign is an easy way to increase roof safety and provide important information about the roof via a QR code.

According to the industry standard for roof security, the information sign must be mounted by the fitter at all the entrances to the roof. The sign provides information about which products that are placed on the roof, who installed them, and when.

The information sign is a pre-selected option in our spreadsheet, and you as a customer select how many signs you want to have. Please note that there must at least be one sign at each entrance to the roof.

For each sign, there are additional digital information, such as assembly instructions, risk analysis, and snow clearance plans. With an information sign, it is easy to reach important documents. The digital information that is connected to the sign is unique and is created by the fitter. The registration takes place when the QR code is scanned or when the web address is entered. Visitors can easily access the information before entering the roof in the same way. The sign is ordered together with our other products.

Please visit our demo page (Swedish) to see how the information sign works.

Information sign
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Information sign roof safety

Information sign

Information sign - IS2015
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