Universal railing


The Universal railing has been around for many years. It is a versatile modular railing that provides our customers with a unique combination of price and delivery time.

The railing is 1100 mm high and it is available in two versions. Universal railing industrial, with 1 intermediate rail and childproof with intermediate balusters. All railings can be supplied with kick strips. With 6 different standard lengths in stock, combinations in any length at 100 mm intervals can easily be obtained. The newly developed joint coupling allows an exact dimension to be attained during installation, i.e. the joints do not need to be welded. We also have the capacity to produce special lengths with short delivery times.

The railings are usually assembled with ”side installation” or on the floor ”top installation”. In addition there is an external sleeve, internal pin and a concrete base that is used in the case of temporary barriers.

The range has been supplemented with corner railings, fish-plate brackets, wall brackets, and gates with a set of hinges and a lock.

All materials are hot dip galvanised according to SS-EN ISO 1461 as standard, which is equivalent to class C3 in BSK07. The railing is also available in stainless steel or painted in the colour of your choice.

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Universal railing, Industrial
Universal railing, standard
Universal railing, Childproof
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